Follow all the NFL action this season with more games and extended league coverage.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is an exclusive sports package only from DIRECTV. Get every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday.1 You’ll also get access to extra features and bonus channels for even more NFL coverage.

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What comes with NFL SUNDAY TICKET?

The games and added features you won’t want to miss this season.

Live, out-of-market games

Get your football fix every Sunday. It’s perfect for all football fans, especially those who have moved and still want to watch their former home team.

Real-time scores and stats

Press the YELLOW button on your DIRECTV remote to get scores, standings and team stats without leaving the game you’re on.2

Short Cuts

Watch entire games in less than 30 minutes. Short Cuts channels show the full game, minus the timeouts and commercials, Monday through Wednesday.3

Player Tracker

Select up to 20 players and get updates whenever they make a big play.2 A must for fantasy football players wanting to keep close tabs on their team.

Games in HD

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the game in stunning HD quality.4 If you can’t be at the game, HD is the next-best way to experience it!

Watch 8 games at once

Display 8 games at once on the Sports Mix channel.5 When you want to watch a single game, use the remote to select the game you want.


Live game streaming

NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX gives you access to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App. Use the app with compatible devices, such as your laptop, tablet or smartphone and stream games live.6 With NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you never have to miss a second of the action, no matter where game day takes you!

Extended coverage on bonus channels

Get two additional channels with NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. RED ZONE CHANNEL® is the ultimate highlight reel, watch all the scoring plays around the league.7 DIRECTV FANTASY ZONETM CHANNEL gives you the inside edge on fantasy football with in-depth player analyses, stats and more.