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DIRECTV receivers: Delivering impressive entertainment

DIRECTV receivers are your pathway to top home entertainment. When you choose your package and channel lineup, you'll also need to order a receiver. DIRECTV deals often include offers on the latest DVR equipment, but other options are available. Ask about the deals you could receive today!

Explore features of the DIRECTV receivers

What type of receiver is right for you? It depends on which type of TV viewer you are. Check out the available DIRECTV receivers and see which one is your perfect match, depending on how you like to watch TV.

Genie, the most advanced HD DVR

DIRECTV Genie is DIRECTV's most advanced HD DVR receiver yet, and it's perfect for TV fanatics who have a huge list of shows they watch each week.1 If you plan out your TV schedule and have to deal with overlapping shows and conflicting timeslots, Genie can help solve your television lineup situation.

Genie can:

  • Record up to five shows at once, all in HD.
  • Record up to one terabyte of show capacity.
  • Recommend new shows you might love to watch.
  • Connect all of your TVs with just one central Genie HD DVR.

And more! Check out Genie today to enjoy impressive DVR capabilities at your home.

HD DVR receiver

Do you like to record a lot of shows and watch them later? If you're not looking for something as substantial as Genie, but you'd still like additional space for more recordings, plus the ability to watch and record shows in HD, check out the HD DVR from DIRECTV. The HD DVR is less advanced than Genie, but it still offers great features and the ability to record up to two shows at once so you can keep up with your favorites easily.

The HD DVR receiver has a storage capacity of 500GB, and includes the convenience of recording shows and watching shows in any room.

DVR receiver

If you have a hard time sitting down in front of the TV at certain times, but you still enjoy watching quite a few shows on TV, check out DVR DIRECTV receivers. This standard DVR doesn't include HD accessibility, but it includes the power to record shows and movies.

Standard DIRECTV DVR receivers come with a storage capacity of 250GB – enough for those who record some shows throughout the week and catch up on the weekends. Be sure to delete programs after you watch them to keep plenty of free space with this smaller DVR.

HD receiver

Fans of detail will love HD DIRECTV receivers. You'll need an HD or HD DVR receiver to tune in to DIRECTV's high-definition programming. Take a closer look at your favorite shows and movies when you watch them in stunning HD!

The standard HD receiver doesn't allow any recording, so if you're a fan of time shifting shows and movies, this DIRECTV receiver isn't for you.

Standard receiver

If you're looking for the most basic of the DIRECTV receivers, the standard receiver is it. You won't find many frills here, just the capability to watch TV and to set parental controls for your children. If you're not concerned with many extras and simply want to watch television, the standard receiver might be what you need.

Call now to learn more about DIRECTV receivers and programming

Ready to learn more about DIRECTV programming, packages, equipment and technology? Call today for questions, and to get recommendations about the right receiver and package for your entertainment needs. Get your advanced DIRECTV receiver today!